Save Your Money Using Only Candy Crush Saga Hacks

Candy Crush Saga is undoubtedly one of the most addictive and popular games that we all play on our smartphones. From youngsters to adults and elderly people, everyone simply adores the Candy Crush Saga, but this addictive game isn’t always easy to win. You see, each levels comes with its own difficulties and challenges, and some levels tend to be so hard that people are forced to spend ages trying to surpass them.Most players hate how Candy Crush focuses on monetization in every level. You are forced to invest your hard-earned cash to buy power-ups and lives to play more and win big.Basically, the players are required to bunch together similar coloured candies in order to clear up the board. If you can manage to create a group of three or five and more candies, you can easily clear up an entire row or even an entire column. It is usually easier to play the earliest levels in the game, but as you progress towards harder levels, the game tends to get annoyingly complicated.Not anymore! We’ve collected all the essential Candy Crush Saga hacks and cheats to help you score big wins at any given levels. You can find out how to obtain Candy crush unlimited lives, along with finding out a lot more about amazing moves that can help you score big in this incredible game.Here’s everything you need to know about Candy Crush Saga cheats, hacks and tricks:


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Strategizing is Crucial
If you’ve played Bejewelled, you probably make a lot of comparisons between Bejewelled and Candy Crush for the games are nearly similar, except one difference that completely changes the game scenario. Unlike the classic Bejewelled, Candy Crush increases the level of difficulty and challenge by forcing you to strategize the gaming experience.
This basically means that you need to really think before you make your move in order to achieve the objectives given for each levels, especially in the tougher levels towards the end of the game, when the plot becomes annoyingly complicated.
An effective strategy is to generate the special candies that we can obtaining by combining more candies. For instance, if you manage to connect four similar candies in one row, you can obtain the striped candy. And if you match the striped candy with a similar colour again, you can clear up the entire row, or even the entire column to achieve your goals in limited time.

Score Free Coins
The Candy Crush Saga is one of the few games that rarely ever give players free coins, but expert players know a lot of speedy and easy hacks to obtain free coins. If you simply connect your ID to your Facebook account, you can earn some free coins.
Moreover, you can also earn free coins and lives by watching some of the advertising videos, which will basically show you trailers of newly launched games. We all know how hard it can be to leave the game watch those videos, but it’s all worth it in the end for it can help you obtain free coins without having to spend any money whatsoever.

Cascade Effects
Here’s an amazing Candy Crush Saga hack that should be a crucial aspect of your playing strategy. The cascade effect works by crushing the candies on the bottom rather than crushing candies on the top. You see, when the candies drop downwards, they create the perfect situation for a cascade effect that will help you gain free Candy Crush unlimited moves. Also, it will help you finish the levels as quickly as possible.

Ask a Friend to Help
In the Candy Crush Saga, you only get five free lives, while you obtain one free life after waiting for half an hour. Now, if you can’t wait for half an hour and don’t want to spend any money whatsoever, you can simply ask one of your friends who also play Candy Crush to send you a life. This will help you play the game for longer.

The Wrapped Candy Trick
This amazing Candy Crush Saga hack can help you destroy multiple candies with one move. Now, basically, all you have do is match five similar candies to create a T or L shape. It will help you eliminate 8 candy pieces surrounding the shape.

Ideal Combinations
Watching out for ideal combinations is one of the most amazing Candy Crush Saga cheats and it can help you score some major wins. The most amazing combinations are the sprinkle donut hole and stripped candy, along with the striped candy and the wrapped candy.

Don’t Waste the Lollipops
When you begin playing the Candy Crush Saga, you are given three free lollipops. Most people end up wasting these three lollipops, which always gets them into trouble. You see, these three lollipop candies are the only free items that you will obtain throughout all the levels in the game. So, the trick is to use them as wisely as possible and avoid wastage.

Use your Moves Wisely
The greatest Candy Crush Saga cheats is to use your moves as wisely and effectively as possible. You see, in Candy Crush, players only have a limited number of moves to complete certain levels. Therefore, the only sensible thing is to act like you have one move left, because on wrong move can make you lose the level, and ultimately, the game. So, use each move like it’s your last one and make it count.

Don’t Cave too Soon
It’s highly advisable to look around and see for an effective solution to finish the game before you get frustrated and cave into taking the proposed solution by the game. Expert players believe that usually the game’s proposed solution gives the wrong move, which makes us lose the levels. So, bottom line is: Candy Crush’s proposed solutions cannot always be trusted.

Concentrate on Explosions
Creating the occurrence of explosions is one of the most incredible candy crush saga hacks to help you score big wins. All you have to do is concentrate on matching the right types of candies that help create explosions. Basically, if you match three of more of the similar kinds of candies together in a row, you can easily clear them up.
Similarly, if you can match five candies of the same kind in an L-shaped grid, it can help you create a bomb to clear them. Also, if you can match four similar candies in a row, you can obtain a stripped candy. And lastly, if you can match a stripe candy with a bomb, you can create a massive explosion to clear up the entire board. Isn’t that amazing?

Making Bombs Explode
Creating bomb explosions are extremely essential, as they not only help us score big wins despite the limited moves available in harder levels that tend to be more challenging, but also, they help save time. If you create the explosion of a stripped candy and a bomb, it can help you clear away three entire rows, both, vertically and horizontally.
If you can create this bomb explosion in the candies on the bottom, you can even trigger a cascade effect to score more wins. This is one of the necessary Candy Crush Saga cheats for more challenging levels that require you to clear up heaps of jelly with a limit number of moves.

Dealing with Jellies
Expert players recommend us all to focus on clearing up jellies at the very end for these can be extremely hard to eliminate, and if you start the game by focusing on them, you can end up wasting a lot of time and moves.

Understanding how Chocolates Work
Most people end up devouring their chocolates early on in the game, which deprives them of the chocolate when it is really needed. You see, if you eat a piece of your chocolate in a round, it will not regenerate in the next round. Therefore, be sure to use this asset as wisely and thriftily as possible.

Lollipop Hammer
While playing the game, particularly while playing challenging levels with limited moves, it’s ideal to focus on the edges because the edge candies are always the hardest to crush. If you simply cannot find a way to crush them, just make use of the Lollipop hammer and they’ll be cleared up in no time. But then again, you must use the Hammer effectively and avoid wastage, so look for a way to eliminate the edge candies and keep the Hammer as a last resort for the most challenging levels in the game.

High Scores with Full Star Ratings
As a diehard fans of Candy Crush Saga, our greatest achievement is to obtain a high score with a full stars rating, isn’t that right? Well, here’s an amazing Candy Crush Saga hack to achieve this. All you have to do is match four or five similar candies, and it will help you get a high score instantly.

The Charms of Life
The Charm Package can help you increase your lives from four to nine, or five to eight at the cost of $16.99. Now, if you’re one of those players who don’t mind spending money on their beloved games, the Charm of Life package can help you score Candy Crush unlimited lives at the cost of a few dollars.
Using Colour Bombs
Colour combs are one of the most incredible Candy Crush Saga hacks that help us clear up multiple candies to score big wins in the game. Basically, you have to match five candies of the same colour in one row to form a colour bomb. Then, you can combine the colour bomb with any given candy to clear up all the candies of similar colour.

Boost your Performance
Here’s one of the easiest Candy Crush Saga cheats to boost your performance at a particular level by obtaining a bump in score. At the end of the level, if you have a special candy remaining, or perhaps some moves that you haven’t used, it help you get a bump in score that will indicate that you performed well.

The Power of Boosters
Having a hard time trying to win an exceptionally tricky and challenging level? Boosters can help you surpass these challenges and they tend to be much cheaper than charms.

Get More Lives
We’re going to present you the most amazing of all Candy Crush Saga hacks and cheats, one that doesn’t cost any money whatsoever. However, this only works when you’re playing Candy Crush on Facebook. Now basically, when you’re playing the game on Facebook and you have only one life remaining in your account, just open the Candy Crush game in a new tab without closing the previous tab that you’re playing on.
Then you simply have to finish the last life in the first tab, and you’ll still have another life waiting to be played in the new tab you just opened. This is by far the simplest and easiest trick that all Candy Crush lovers adore, and you can even perform it when you have three or more lives left.

Candy Crush Saga Cheats Online Generator

Hacking the Candy Crush Saga is incredibly easily and simple, and if you’re one of those players who don’t want to waste time downloading hack tools or ruining their smartphone with APKs, this is the perfect Candy Crush Saga hack for you.
This amazing hack can help you obtain candy crush unlimited lives and as much gold as you want. You simply begin by accessing the online generator, which will require you to enter your username, or an email-address. Then, you have to choose the platform you use to play the game, and once you’ve chosen your platform, you simply have to pick a proxy server after which you can select the number of resources that you need to enjoy your favourite game.
The most amazing aspect about this incredible Candy Crush Saga hack is the fact that every time you use a life, it will be automatically renewed, which makes this the best and easiest trick to have candy crush unlimited lives and moves at your disposal.
Similarly, you can easily replenish your supplies of gold by simply revisiting the online generator. It’s the easiest online tool, and a lot better than downloading hack tools that will end up spreading viruses in your devices.

Candy Crush Saga Hack Tools

If the normal and usual hacks aren’t helping you obtain what you seek, which could be candy crush unlimited moves, unlimited lives or more boosters, there are several online candy crush hack tools to help you achieve them. These online hack tools can be used on any given device, be it Android, IOS, IPad, (WITHOUT ROOT) PC computers and others.
You don't have to download and install these tools to achieve unlimited lives, moves and a lot more. However, it is essential to steer clear of certain hacks that can cause viruses to erupt in your device. It is ideal to use tried and tested online hacks. Just be sure to pick out hack tools that boost strong proxies and aid in hiding your identity so you can keep playing without being detected.

Now you can start with hacking...